Welcome to the first Virtual Exhibition of Orchids.

The best of an exhibition of this nature is that the plants are not
subjected to the stress that habitually suffer at the exhibitions, since the participants are images. 

Orchid growers will be able to send their pictures  of their plants and flowers from any place of the planet and they will be able to participate in the competition.

Each section will show pictures of the same genera but of different growers. 
The pictures  will be shown permanently conforming a database for consultation. At the end of each year  they will be judged by a group of orchids judges  of well known trajectory, presidents of  Orchids Societies  of several countries, and orchid growers  with many years of experience.  


Size: between 80 and 100 kb.
800 x 600pix.
The following data will be attached:
Species name.
Grower's name.

The requested data will be mailed to:
IŽll be waiting for your photos....good luck!

From Buenos Aires, your hostess


                                               May - 04 - 2003

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